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The Artist

Best known for her illustrations, Krystal is above all a Fantasy Artist, shaping a dream world full of contrasts. Sculpture, stained glass, metals, music and brushes are at work to give substance to the dream...

Krystal surrounded by 50+ book covers.


Krystal's portrait.

After hesitating between different forms of art, Krystal decided in 2001 for graphic arts, following a meeting with Wojtek Siudmak who encouraged her in this direction.
Preferring to develop her path intuitively, she lets her painting evolve according to her various passions. She finds inspiration very close to her own in the Pre-Raphaelites, in particular John William Waterhouse and Sir Blair Leigthon.
Her love at first sight for Tolkien made her discover talented contemporary illustrators, such as Ted Nasmith, Alan Lee, John Howe, or Donato Giancola, who would influence her painting both thematically and technically (drawing, watercolor).
Her painting finds its way into the marvelous, that of elves and fairies, that of fantasy, that which allows the impulses of the soul to explore the depths of being, with dreams as a guide.
In her themes we find many female characters. Her women may be fragile in appearance, like the Pre-Raphaelite muses, but they hold the power to tame wild life. Where man believes he must confront the dragon and kill it, woman tames it, feeds it and makes it a docile animal.

Paintings and illustrations

Careful in grinding her pigments, in making her varnishes and cooked oils, her workshop becomes an alchemical laboratory, in harmony with the universe of her works.
Combining the work of a painter and an illustrator, she divides her time between exhibitions (Paris, Belgium, Lorraine, etc.), book covers (notably the Dames du Lac series by Marion Zimmer Bradley at Livre de Poche ) and illustrated books for children or young adults, including Oghams which is her first publication as an author and no longer just an illustrator.

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